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Upcoming UGA 




Register TODAY with UGA to receive updates regarding these and other upcoming UGA events, performance opportunities and projects.  You may also  continue to check the Events Page for updated information.  


If you are a performing artist and would like an opportunity to perform in any of the upcoming UGA Events or performances, please register with UGA (Registration Page) and sign up by selecting the event(s) you would like to participate in.

The Concert of Giving is an annual community event sponsored by United Gospel Artists.  These Performing Artists unite together on an open stage to promote a message of love, joy, hope and peace passionately portrayed through Performing Arts, while demonstrating the love of Christ through sharing with others in giving back to the community. 


As part of the Mission and Purpose of the Concert of Giving, UGA partners with local charities to distribute food and toys to those throughout the San Diego community who are less fortunate.  It is a mission of love expressed with a heart of passion and shared among all who experience this special Holiday Celebration 

The UGA Performing Artists Showcase Series provides performance opportunities for both Gospel Artists and aspiring Talent to share and express their gift of talent on the open stage.   Through this peformance opportunity UGA can assist Performing Artists in further promoting their Career/Ministry while increasing their support platform, build a support platform for new Artists, provide stage experience and training in Artist Development for aspiring talent.


UGA also provides other opportunities for those gifted with talents in Creative and Litirature Arts to express their talent through recitals, art shows and other creative platforms.   Register with UGA TODAY to participate.

Debuting Spring/Summer 2017.

Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs is a music presentation set to stage and derived from Biblical Hebrew Scripture 3:16… “teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.” 


This musical performance comprised of a diversity in music genres; joins both the contemporary and traditional sounds of Gospel music into a skillfully woven medley that takes the listener on a musical journey enlightning the mind and encouraging the soul.



The Sound of Freedom is a contemporary musical celebrating the expression of freedom through the Performing Art of music theater.  It captures the essence of freedom passionately portrayed through performance while depicting the quest and innate ability of the human spirit to be free in every realm of human existence.  


Uniquely characterized by its inspiring music repertoire infused with heart moving choreography and poetic dissertations, each song rendition delivers a soul stirring performance that is captivating, thought provoking and uplifting.


The Sound of Freedom produces an energy that resonates through the joyous sounds heard and musical vibrations felt in its rhythmic, melodic and soulful music presentation.  Register with UGA TODAY to participate in this upcoming performance.

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