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 Promoting Gospel Performing Artists and local aspiring talent.

The UGA Artists Spotlight features and highlights the artistry and contribution of Gospel Artists who  are committed and dedicated to sharing their creative talents in the ministry of Gospel through the Arts. 

MOTHA hails from Portland, Oregon. She relocated to Pomona, California September 1973 with her family at the tender age of 7. Here in California is where her music journey began with God's anointing. She credits her brother Dr. Tim Bishop Brown with his teaching, nourishing, guiding, fussing, encouraging and placing her in the forefront.

She's an actress. She's appeared in and starred in several plays.

An employee with the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) for 30 years and counting.

The mother of one beautiful daughter. The grandmother of three lovely granddaughters. The one and only sister of 11 brothers. The one and only daughter of Evangelist Shirley Benton whom she loves and respects with all of her heart.

The President, Assistant Directress and lead vocalist with Dr. Tim Bishop Brown and Miracle Mass Choir for 25 years.

She's traveled extensively across this country as well as Quebec, Canada with her brother Dr. Tim Bishop Brown ministering in songs.


She loves the Lord and don't mind having CHURCH! In the words of Motha, "It don't take merch!" Her favorite scripture is Psalms 34:1 (I will bless the Lord at all times...").

She's either worked with, recorded with and/or appeared on stage with the following:

Shirley Caesar, Andre' Crouch, Stevie Wonder, Tevin Campbell, Natalie Cole, Williams Brothers, Keith Pringles & P.C.C, The Canton Spirituals, Keith Wonderboy Johnson, Beverly Crawford, Clark Sisters, Patti LaBelle, Phillip Bailey, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Donald Lawrence, Hezekiah Walker, James Hall, Ricky Dillard, Michael Jackson and list definitely goes on!!!

The Original Ms. "He's Done Enough" herself.....




"I Got Away" music project is available at the following digital music outlets:

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WATCH AN INTERVIEW with "Motha" and Kingdom Groove Correspondent, Mary Elizabeth.

01 I Got Away!Zaneta "Motha" Brown
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I Receive It - Eddie Baltrip & Fulfillment
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Through divine inspiration Edward Baltrip organized the Voices of Fulfillment Community Choir. The original membership numbered thirteen youth and young adults; all wanting to sing as a ray of hope reflecting the enrichment and “Fulfillment” of their lives through Christ. This choir, under the leadership of Min. Baltrip, with the help of community businesses and spiritual advisors achieved the goal to pull at-risk youth from the streets preventing their involvement with gang violence and drug addiction.  In addition, due to philosophical controversies [at that time], The Voices of Fulfillment helped to “bridge the gap” between churches and denominations.  Because of the powerful impact of this ministry, this in fact helped to ignite a spirit of unity among churches and church leaders throughout the County of San Diego. What was set as a foundation has now become a musical legacy and gospel tradition for over 30 years.

Throughout the years, Eddie Baltrip &  Fulfillment have ministered on various stages at filled venues with capacities from 25 to 8,000.  They have traveled nationally to such places as New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Chicago, India New Orleans, Fresno, Los Angeles, Oakland, Anaheim, Utah, Arizona, Ohio, Seattle and internationally to Paris, France. They have opened for and shared the stage with such renowned artists and producers as; Kirk Franklin, Fred  Hammond, Donald Lawrence, Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams, Shirley Caesar, Edwin Hawkins, Tramaine Hawkins, Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Clark Sisters, Karen Clark-Sheard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Kim Burrell,

Israel Houghton, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Beverly Crawford, Mali Music, Vickie Winans, Jason Nelson, Jonathan Nelson, James Hall, Ricky Dillard, Marvin Sapp, Tonex, Commissioned, Dr. Bobby Jones, Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Choir, the Late Bishop Walter Hawkins, Rev. James Cleveland, Rev. James Moore, Thomas "The Maestro" Whitfield, Rev. Darryl Coley, O'landa Draper and many more.   Fulfillment has also worked with world renowned entertainers such as the likes of Ben Affleck, Cheryl Crow, Jada Pinket-Smith, Will Smith, Eartha Kitt, Barry Manilow, Gordon Ramsay, Katy Perry, Jennifer, Club Nouveau, Robert Vauhn, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Tori Spelling, Tony Robbins, Anderson Cooper and the San Diego Symphony.

The arrival of The Voices of Fulfillment Community Choir now Eddie Baltrip & Fulfillment, has become a breath of fresh air to its listeners hungry and filled with expectancy for music that is instantly uplifting, joyful, celebratory, positive and soulful.  As their ministry propels forward  with the latest release of their new CD entilted, The FULFILLMENT Project, featuring hit songs as "Lord I Love You" and "I Receive It," Eddie Baltrip and Fulfillment’s recordings have achieved major distribution across America and many countries around the world.

Over the years, with all the wonderful and amazing acheivements, Founder and Director, Eddie Baltrip, acknowledges that "it was and is the favor of God that has not only kept the vision of Eddie Baltrip & FULFILLMENT in place, but also allowed us to be mentors to other community choirs in our fair city."  That stated, their mission and goal is encouraging aspiring artists to be unique by inspiring them to continously strive for excellence while fulfilling their own dreams according to God’s purpose for their lives.

After 30 years, Eddie Baltrip & FULFILLMENT continue to fulfill their mission and calling to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Through proclaiming the message of God's love, joy, hope and salvation in song, their desire is to share the fulfillment experience with the world for the glory of God and edification of His Kingdom.  



Fulfillment has 7 Live Recordings and 1 Studio Recording.


San Diego Padre's Jingle "Keep The Faith" (1998) San Diego Chargers - National Anthem (2004) San Diego Padre's - National Anthem (2002, 2005, 2007) Stellar Award Nominee (2005) San Diego Symphony "Heart Strings" (1995) Bayside Summer Pops (1999) Jay The Cooking Guy TV Show (2004) Club Nouveau (1995) McDonald's Gospel Fest (1987) Hell’s Kitchen Cooking TV Show (2010) Tony Robbins Christmas Gala (2003, 2004, 2005, 2007) VH1 Salute To The Troops (2010) Wendy Walker Christmas Gala (2014, 2015) Hollywood Children Mending Hearts Benefit (2009) Fulfillment Project Top 25 on Billboard (2015) Grammy Nominee(2015) 


Please contact: Clide Williams Management Co.

Ph. 619.852.6500


You can follow and connect with Eddie Baltrip & FULFILLMENT in social media to get all the latest news and happenings.  

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