About UGA  

Who we are....


United Gospel Artists [UGA] is a nonprofit Performing Arts and Creative Media Organization, committed and dedicated to the advancement of Gospel in and through the Arts.


Supporting the ministry of Gospel-Arts and creative Artists through media networking and communications.


To inspire and encourage Gospel Artists to use their creative talent as a

voice of artistic expression in sharing the message of the Gospel.  

What we do....

United Gospel Artists [UGA] operates as a multifaceted performing arts and creative media organization, incorporating the operation of three major components within its infrastructure to promote the advancement of Gospel in the Arts and provide a media support base for Gospel Artists.  


  • MEDIA ADVERTISEMENT & PROMOTION - Utilization and development of creative media content, advertising and promotional concepts with diverse marketing strategies.

  • MEDIA NETWORKING & COMMUNICATIONS - Incorporating strategic media networking and communications utilizing digital platforms for media content distribution. 


  • PERFORMANCE & PRODUCTION – Entertainment concept development and production of creative platforms for performance opportunities and various entertainment operations. 

Locally, UNITED GOSPEL ARTISTS based in San Diego, Ca, provides performance platforms where Gospel Artists can share and express their creative talents for upcoming  events and other special opportunities.   

Nationally and Internationally, UGA engages in media networking communications through which to further the advancement of Gospel in the Arts abroad; while also providing a media support network for Gospel Artists.

The aim and focus of UGA is promoting unity and community in support of Gospel-Arts and those Gospel Artists who posses a commitment and are dedicated to using their creative gifts in the ministry of Gospel through the Arts.  In doing so, UGA is committed and dedicated to encouraging and inspiring Gospel Artists to be the best they can be in their artistry... to help make a positive impact within their communities and in the lives of others. 

This is who we are... and what we do.

UGA Executive Staff

United Gospel Artists Executive Board consist of a team of dedicated members committed to the Vision and Mission of UGA.  They function as the integral foundation of support within the organizational infrastructure and entire operation of UGA.  Each member possess a passion and level of commitment demonstrated with  professionalism in their responsibility toward the work of United Gospel Artists.

Eddie L. Baltrip, C.F.O.

​Director of Artists Relations

Cruise David sitting front.jpeg

David M. Ross, C.E.O.

Founder & Executive Director

Billie Simmons, Adm.

Executive Secretary

Billie Simmons

Executive Secretary