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There are wonderful performance opportunities with...
Express your artistic voice and share your creative talent.

Sign-up TODAY to be on the UGA Roster along with other talented creative artists for upcoming performance opportunities. 


Every true Artist has that special creative gift or talent, a special and unique ability to create; and with that comes the desire to express creative ability. 

United Gospel Artists is currently comprising its roster of Artists and for looking for those individuals with creative talents who are passionate in their desire to express their artistry.  ​

If you have a creative talent and would like to be on the UGA    Roster for participation on an  UGA performance platform,  sign-up and submit your audition video on-line TODAY! 

United Gospel Artists, as part of the Performance Art component within the multifaceted operation of the organization's purpose in providing creative performance platforms and opportunities, Artists are contacted and secured on an as-need-basis to perform in participation with UGA and thereby does NOT constitute or require membership.  Performers are compensated for their participation with UGA in a performance based on stipulation of compensation terms in their Artist Performance Agreement.

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