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Spotlighting some of the finest talent in Creative Arts.

The GOSPEL-LIVE Artist Showcase Series [G.L.A.S.S.] features some of the finest talent in Creative Arts while promoting the advancement of Gospel through the expression of the Arts. 


This  performance platform provides wonderful and exciting opportunities for Artists and aspiring talent to express their creativity, artistry and passion, while sharing the message of the Gospel  with others.

Throughout a series of showcases, UGA spotlights Artists and their creative talents; providing a creative platform and opportunity to promote community awareness and support of gospel artists and the advancement of gospel in the Arts. 

The Gospel-Live Artist Showcase Series embraces all sectors of the Arts in showcasing creative talent and featuring outstanding performances by talented Gospel Artists that truly captures, portrays and delivers inspiring, heart-felt performances.   


For a professional Artist, growing their fan-base of supporters is essential to gaining longevity in their career; the ability to connect with their audience is crucial in helping to make that possible.  This is a major contributing factor in achieving success as an professional Artist. 

The Gospel-Live Artist Showcase helps to target that effort by offering more than just an opportunity to perform.       Artists are encouraged to be inspired through expression of their artistry, to connect with their audience as they share their story and their message.  Artists also have a wonderful opportunity to engage their audience in a  one-on-one, open-platform interview... then afterwards, a brief fun time of O&A. 

Participating in a UGA Gospel-LIVE Artist Showcase can be rewarding and fun experience.  Sign-up TODAY!

What does the Gospel-Live Artist Showcase offer?

  • A creative platform for Artists to bring their creative visions and stories to life through expression of their artistry. 

  • It provides a professional performance platform for the professional Artist and up and coming Artist.     

  • Offers promotional benefits. 

Artists featured in a Gospel-Live Artist Showcase can look forward to working with a team of experienced individuals, dedicated and committed to helping them achieve their artistic goals for their performance in a UGA Gospel-Live Showcase and beyond.   ​

What are some of the benefits from  performing in a UGA Gospel-Live Artist Showcase?

There are several benefits from performing in a Gospel-LIVE Artist Showcase.

  • A performance platform  designed to capture and spotlight your creative talent  and unique artistry.

  • Artists receive a professional promotional video of their performance.

  • Professional Photo Shoot*

  • Social Media Support which includes advertisement and promotion prior to and after showcase.

  • Featured on the Artist Spotlight page in the UGA website.  

  • Artist Development and Consultation 

  • Opportunity to receive financial compensation.

*NOTE:  Artists who perform in a UGA Virtual Gospel-LIVE Artist Showcase does not receive a photo shoot.


An opportunity to be featured in a UGA Gospel-LIVE Artist Showcase is based on signing up online along with submission of your performance audition video and being selected by the Gospel-LIVE Artists Showcase production team.  Artists selected to perform on a UGA Gospel-LIVE Artist Showcase platform will be notified via email correspondence.  Upon being selected to perform in a UGA VIRTUAL Gospel-LIVE Artist Showcase, Artist must be able to pre-record a full-performance video meeting specific audio/video criteria, that will be aired in an upcoming UGA virtual Gospel-LIVE Artist Showcase.  Initial submissions of a performance audition video does not warrant a featured performance in the UGA virtual Gospel-LIVE Artist Showcase Series.      

If you would like an opportunity to be presented in a Gospel-LIVE Artists Showcase, sign up and submit your performance audition video online.


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