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UGA Online Community

Connecting through communications and resource Networking 

United Gospel Artists [UGA] Network focuses on and engages in digital online communications to foster ongoing media-networking relationships with Gospel Artists, industry professionals, various Performing Arts ministries and organizations with the objective of establishing an on-line,  support community for Gospel Artists.  UGA utilizes social media as a support platform by which to engage Artists and industry professionals in communication and resource networking for the primary purpose of promoting Gospel in the Arts.

The Arts, with its broad spectrum of entertainment genres within our American society and other cultures around the world, consist of two primary groups of people who are key  contributors to the overall success of any professional Artist or entertainment venture.  Those who perform and those who support.  More specifically, as it relates to the genre of Gospel Art and the evolution of the entertainment industry at large, there is a rapidly growing community of emerging Gospel Artists and established Gospel Artists  who have become and are becoming increasingly more and more independent in the development of their professional careers, without dependence on mainstream, well-established entertainment companies such as record labels, distribution, publishing and marketing-managing companies.  They are passionate and determined to express their creative voice and in doing so, utilizing the advancement of technology and media networking to achieve their artistic goals.


UGA Network

That being stated, whether Gospel Artist or supporterthere is a mutually shared common denominator that connects us all...  and that is our passion for the ministry of the Gospel

and UGA supports this cause with an affirmation of unity shared among Gospel Artists in all sectors of Creative Arts around the world, who are dedicated and committed to the ministry of Gospel through the Arts. 

Connect with UGA on-line TODAY and be part of a growing community of Gospel Artists and industry professionals committed to touching lives, impacting lives and changing lives through media networking and the power of Gospel-Arts.

If you would like to connect with UGA ON-LINE to be part of a growing global community of Gospel Artists and industry professionals, and to also check out some of the latest news and happenings about Gospel in the Arts... simply click any of the links below.   You can also follow UGA by clicking any of the social icons at the bottom of this or any other web-page on the UGA website.

  • United Gospel Artists – Facebook Page - Artists can promote all the latest happenings with their ministry as well as view other information about upcoming events, performances, industry opportunities and more.


  • United Gospel Artists – Facebook Group - Connect with other Artists  and industry professionals for communication and resource networking.


  • United Gospel Artists of San Diego – Facebook Group San Chapter 



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