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Special Programs


UGA offers special benefit programs which provides assistance to Gospel Artists and for the community in education, finance, mission and outreach. Through these special benefit programs UGA is able to promote education and various community programs.  Charitable contributions made by supporters aide in assisting UGA in our overall effort to promote the Gospel, support Gospel Artists as well as charitable causes.  DONATE TODAY!

Special Assistance Fund

There are those Performing and Creative Artists who have established their careers and professional involvements, relying solely on their gifts and talents as primary means of support financially.  The United Gospel Artists Support Fund is designed to assist those Artists who may be dealing with specific needs which may have caused some degree of financial hardship or other crises due to circumstances beyond their immediate control.


Your financial donations helps UGA to provide immediate financial aide towards assisting these Artists through allocated funds specifically designated for this purpose.   


<<CLICK HERE>> to mak a donation.  Thank you for your support.

Scholarship Program

The need for highly trained, educated individuals in any particular field of study is of great importance.  So the economical need to ensure this possibility is of even greater value and importance.  The UGA Scholarship Program was established to provide financial assistance for those worthy proven individuals seeking to achieve higher levels of education in performing arts.  The purpose is to continuously encourage the pursuit of education for the advancement of effective ministry with excellence.


<<CLICK HERE >> to make your donation.  Thank you for your support.

Sponsorship Programs

It is with an ongoing commitment UGA seeks to support Gospel Artists and aspiring talent.  The UGA Sponsorship Program is designed to contribute financial support towards the involvement of Gospel Performing Artists in ministry opportunities within their communities. 


Your financial contributions enable UGA to not only assist Artists towards the advancement of their ministries; but in doing so, provide support towards continously promoting Gospel through Performing Arts.  


<<CLICK HERE >> to make your donation.  Thank you for your support!

Concert of Giving 
Special Contributions

The Concert of Giving is an annual event which focuses on giving back to the community through Performing Arts.  Each Concert of Giving, UGA receives donations of new, unwrapped toys and non-perishable food to give to those who are less forunate during the holidays.  


<<CLICK HERE>> to make your monetary donation.  You may also contact us at (619)937-5714 regarding toys and non-perishable food you may wish to donate.

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