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Song Submission

UGA provides a wide range of music opportunities within our Performing Arts division. Experienced Songwriters/Arrangers and Music Producers can submit their song(s) for placement consideration for any of the upcoming UGA performances or events.

Aspiring songwriters and producers can also submit their musical work to become a part of the UGA Songwriters Mentoring Program, through which we seek to encourage and assist in the further development of your craft. 

The song submission process for the upcoming San Diego Worship "LIVE" Live Recording is currently underway.  Worship Leaders, Songwriters, Arrangers and Music Producers can take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to share their music with others in music ministry from various religious backgrounds, organizations and community music groups.  


We are looking for original song compositions or arrangements that are "praise and worship" oriented, musically structured and formatted for a choir with front-line praise team and band, in the following genres: 


Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), Christian Alternative (Rock, Popular), Contemporary/Urban and Traditional Gospel.  


If your song is not in a recorded format and you have a strong music concept you would like to submit; we would like to hear it...!  Our music staff of experienced Songwriters, Musicians and Music Producers are willing to assist in the further development of your song, as well as help complete the administrative process.  Simply check the box in the registration form requesting song submission by appointment.  


Submit your mp3 file and lyric sheets on-line.  Complete Songwriter Registration & Song Submission Form below. 


Mail your CD and lyric sheets to:

2515 Lemon Grove Ave., Lemon Groove, CA 91945


Auditions for Song Submissions

by appointment only. Check "request audition" box on registraion form.




Song Submissions are currently being accepted for the San Diego Worship "LIVE" Recording.  There are three (3) ways to submit your music compositions for recording consideration.

Songwriters may submit more than 1 music composition for submission consideration. Each submission must be accompanied by Lyric Sheets.  All song submissions will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.  Songwriters will be notified via email upon selection of their music. Song submission or selection by San Diego Live Recording Staff does not guarantee placement for the live recording or music project.  Please refer to Criteria and Guidelines.

Please complete Songwriter Registration & Song Submission Form below to submit your music for placement consideration for the upcoming San Diego Worship "LIVE" Recording 2017.   Be sure to check all boxes where applicable.  Thank you. 


<<Please read.>>



The following guidelines and criteria are provided for song presentation in the San Diego “LIVE” Recording.  


  • Songwriter/Presenter MUST be registered to participate in the San Diego “LIVE” Recording.

  • Music composition must fit within the musical format and religious genre descriptions specified for the San Diego Worship “LIVE” Recording music project.

  • A music composition must contain certain musical elements and components necessary to constructively constitute a “strong” or “complete” song as determined by the San Diego Live Recording Staff.

  • Music Composition MUST be copyrighted through the U.S. Copyright Office/Library of Congress and Published through an associated publishing house or publishing agency (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC) PRIOR to the release date of the San Diego Live Recording music project.

  • Submitted music composition(s) must be received and approved by the San Diego Live Recording Staff PRIOR to song presentation.



NOTE: Acceptance of song submission does NOT constitute or guarantee automatic placement of your music composition on the San Diego Worship “LIVE” music project or during the live recording.  The selection of all music compositions for the San Diego Worship “LIVE” Recording are based on approval by the San Diego Live Recording Staff and subject to change at any time.   In such case, the Songwriter/Presenter will be notified via email of such change along with stated reason.  United Gospel Artists [UGA] of which the San Diego Worship “LIVE” Recording venture is a subsidiary, in conjunction with Fulfillment Enterprise; cannot be held liable for any cause or determination by the San Diego Live Recording Staff regarding their decision not to use a previously selected song composition in the live recording or subsequently, the music project. 

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