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The Prestige Awards 2019
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Event Staff


Those who volunteer to work on the UGA Event Staff during the Prestige Awards, Red Carpet, help to provide an enjoyable experience for all VIP Patrons, as well enjoy an evening of fun, fellowship and access to the Prestige Awards Show.  These individuals dedicate their time and effort to providing an exciting VIP experience for those patrons who walk the RED CARPET.  They are committed to making this portion of the Prestige Awards an enjoyable and memorable experience, by each individual doing his or her part in assisting to help create a welcoming atmosphere with a genuine sense of kindness and hospitality. 

  If you would like to be involved with UGA in serving as a volunteer on the Event Staff for this event, please complete and submit the online registration form below.  


Volunteers are currently needed to serve in the following capacities during the Red Carpet segment of the upcoming Prestige Awards.

Duration: 5:00pm - 8:00pm

  • VIP Ticket Attendants

  • Door Attendants

  • Camera Tech. Assistants

  • Food/Beverage Table 

  • Host Assistants / Greeters

  • Red Carpet Information Assistants

  • Set-up / Breakdown Crew

  • Artists Entertainment Assistant

  • Parking Attendants

  • Security

NOTE: All Event Staff volunteers are asked to be on site 2 hours PRIOR to start of event, as well as attend a pre-scheduled run-through in preparation  for the event.  

The San Diego Prestige Awards Red Carpet is sponsored and coordinated by United Gospel Artists in association with Kingdom Groove media.

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