Proclaiming the Gospel through the Arts. 

The ministry of Gospel through the Arts is a powerful voice of creative expression.  It can impact a community, empowering change within the lives of people regardless of race, nationality, gender, economic status and religious, cultural, political views, through the power of its message and artistry.


The impact of world crises have greatly affected people in almost every way of life.  Therefore it is most imperative now more than EVER that Gospel Artists continue raising our voices in unity with fervency of determination, passion, commitment and dedication in sharing and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Arts... in letting our message of faith and hope shine brightly as a beacon of light to inspire and encourage all people.  


Artistry & Ministry

      of Gospel Art    

The expression of Gospel music has been around for decades since as early as the 17th century, having its’ origin and culture rooted primarily in southern vocal traditions of hymns, sacred songs, negro spirituals and call-and-response congregational singing within churches.  During that time, it was widely embraced culturally, even on some entertainment platforms; however for the church, it was mainly considered and viewed as being part of a church's worship liturgy within their corporate expression of worship; as most churches back then did not have a Performing Arts Department or Music & Worship Arts Ministry.

Over the years, the art form or expression of Gospel in the Arts has evolved and continues to blossom into a full-fledged creative platform encompassing various artistic expressions of creative talent within the Arts beyond that of singing and consequently, becoming widely embraced by church congregations causing the development and expansion of their ministerial platform for the Arts, to now having some of the most creative, technologically advanced artistic platforms and Music & Arts Ministries in our society today.  As a result, the  evolution of the creative platform of Gospel in the Arts, has provided those with creative talents and a passion for artistry, performance and ministry, the opportunities to express their artistry as an art form of worship [in church], and to share the message of the Gospel.  


Gospel Artists are bringing the platform of Gospel-Arts to the forefront with their performances of artistic expressions that inspires and uplifts through delivering a message of hope. They have defined and are continuously redefining the platform of the artistic expression of Gospel in the arts, as an effective tool or vehicle for ministry; thus paving the way for it to be received more and more by both religious and mainstream audiences around the world. 

Touching lives, changing lives, impacting lives... through the power of Gospel Arts.

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