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Proclaiming the Gospel through the Arts. 

The Gospel embodies a universal message of truth for all people and expressed through the artistry of those who possess creative talents... is a powerful voice of creative expression, impacting and uplifting the lives of others.   The ministry of Gospel through the Arts transcends communication barriers, impacting communities, empowering change within the lives of people regardless of race, nationality, gender, religion, culture, economic status or political views. 


The impact of world crises has greatly affected people in many areas of life.  Therefore, it is imperative now more than EVER for Gospel Artists to use their creative talents, united as one powerful voice around the globe, in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ; delivering a message of hope and faith as a beacon of light to inspire and encourage all people.  

United Gospel Artists [UGA] offers performance and educational opportunities for Artists to use their talent, share their talent and

express their artistry, as well as a further the development of their skill.

   The Artistry & Ministry of Gospel-Art    

The expression of Gospel music has been around for decades since as early as the 17th century, having its’ origin and culture rooted primarily in southern vocal traditions of hymns, sacred songs, negro spirituals and call-and-response congregational singing within churches.  During that time, gospel music on both religious and secular platforms, was widely embraced culturally and accepted as a creative expression within Performing Arts.  However, for the church it was mainly considered and viewed as being part of a church's liturgy within their corporate expression of worship; as most churches back then did not have a Performing Arts Department or Music & Worship Arts Ministry.

Over the years, the expression of Gospel in the Arts has evolved into a full-fledged, artistically and creatively divers platform for ministry beyond that of just singing and consequently, becoming widely embraced by church congregations causing the development and expansion of their music ministries, to now having some of the most creative, technologically advanced performance platforms for the ministry of Music & Arts.  This continual wide-spread embracing of Gospel in the Arts, has moved us from merely being entertained on stage in performing arts theaters, to being ministered to on ministry platforms in churches and various faith-based [religious] gatherings; providing those with creative talents and a passion for artistry, performance and ministry, opportunities to creatively use their talents as an artistic expression of worship [in church], and to share the message of the Gospel.  


Today, the Gospel message expressed through the Arts, has undoubtedly over the decades become more widely recognized and accepted as a form of artistic expression by mainstream audiences, as well as received by churches around the world.

United Gospel Artists since 2012, has been and continues to move forward with commitment and dedication, bringing the ministry of Gospel-Arts to the forefront and inspiring those uniquely gifted with creative talents to use their artistic expression to uplift and inspire others with a message of hope, love and joy.                          

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